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Vidazorb is a chewable probiotic that helps maintain the body’s digestive health and overall wellness. They got into the probiotic nutraceutical game before probiotics were main stream. SCAFURIDESIGNS was tasked with the challenge of making the concept of probiotics, basically digestive tract “scrubbers”, approachable and friendly. After an all encompassing, client-inclusive strategy session, SCAFURIDESIGNS hit the proverbial creative boards to make this brand memorable.

It all started with a name. The name, which derives from a combination of “vida” (meaning “life”) and “zorb” (a spin off of “absorption”), was created first and lead the positioning charge for this category disrupting brand. Most of the competition had an earthy, low budget vibe. Vidazorb, set out to change the industry with a clean, more sterile medical feel.

The logo helped push this concept further, featuring a circle (the shape of the chewable) being absorbed by a rounded “V” shape (the intestine). Custom crafted typography and a bold color palette came next and the foundation was set to create everything from the chewable design, packaging, event booth, brochure, give-aways, presentations, website and more. The cherry on top? A perfect tagline that read, “You Are What You Absorb.” Boom goes the digestive dynamite.


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