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Building better brands is in our DNA. Our elite design services have helped organizations get the revenue and exposure they deserve. Here are select clients who have experienced the benefits.

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Build a better brand, define its personality, and set up a game plan for consistent long-term success with custom high-end logos, identity systems, style guides, icon sets, colors, fonts, messaging and more.


Present a professional and memorable brand that drives home your message with premium print designs including business collateral, event materials, presentations, stationary sets and promotional items.


Broadcast your story to the masses in the ever-expanding world of digital media with a CMS backed website, on-brand assets, email marketing templates, social media pages and posts and digital advertisements.


Craft an individually tailored brand strategy and target your goals by establishing core values that help differentiate your business and identify target market needs, emotions and competitive positioning.


SCAFURIDESIGNS is your brand-aide. We specialize in building better brands. Brands that tell stories. Brands that give pause. Brands that inspire action. We empower your organization by creating purposeful, innovative and compelling brand solutions through strategy, print and digital design services.

What We Believe

We sweat the small stuff and we have a lot of beliefs to back that up. A few are; Design is art with purpose. Design the right things and design things right. Authenticity sells best. Brands require adaptability. Great design gives pause. Repetition builds reputation. Ask first and ideate later. Finally, we believe everything is design. Everything!

Come One, Come All

We accept projects of all shapes and sizes from a variety of industries. Common to each is the desire to elevate the brand with a professional look. By design, we don’t focus on a single industry. That tends to produce cookie cutter results. We have worked in healthcare, events, start-ups and consumer products to name a few.

It’s All About You

We love what you do, and it shows. We dig deep to truly understand the goals, values and aspirations of your organization. Here, there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution. To us, each client is unique and we approach every project with care. Your brand deserves to be pampered. After all, brands need a spa day too.

Pricing That Fits

A great brand is critical to the success of your organization, but so is watching your bottom line. We work closely with you to ensure solutions and pricing align with your budget. We certainly don’t skimp on precision or craft. We like to do it right over having it simply be “done”, no matter the deliverable. Lets talk numbers.

Lets Connect

Have a project in mind? Don’t know what you need yet? We can help! We are true experts in strategy, brand, print and digital design. Tap into our wealth of knowledge and help your business get the revenue and exposure it deserves. Your custom brand is just around the corner! Send us an email or give us a call to get started.


Our Go-To Resource

One of the big reasons SCAFURIDESIGNS has become a go-to resource for me is that they always hit the sweet spot: the design is inventive yet trusted, the products are super engaging yet highly usable, and the creative process pushes the limits yet sets the right boundaries.

Jason Cascarino - Spark Chicago

Deep Respect

I have deep respect for SCAFURIDESIGNS’ ability to marry creative aesthetic and a principled discipline to project management. In a field that has a reputation for missed deadlines and project creep, SCAFURIDESIGNS exceeded my expectations with great design that was on time and on budget. It might be cliche to say, but SCAFURIDESIGNS felt like part of the team, caring deeply about how their work was contributing to our success.

Shaun Emerson - Project Boost

Talented Designers

Our team enjoys working with SCAFURIDESIGNS. They are talented designers who have helped us with a range of marketing collateral and presentation materials. SCAFURIDESIGNS works hard to deliver great content. I’d happily recommend them.

Liam Krehbiel - A Better Chicago

Beautiful Design & Professional Approach

Graphic design seems easy. Yet how many hours have I suffered trying to professionalize our one-pager, pitch deck, business cards...? SCAFURIDESIGNS took what we had labored over and, with a listening ear and creative ideas, came back with beautifully designed solutions. They make it look so easy - quick turnarounds, impactful  messaging, beautiful design, and a patient, professional approach.

Alli Henry - The People’s Music School

Looks Great on Everything

SCAFURIDESIGNS worked with our firm to not only encompass our brand and go-to-market vision, but to create a logo that was beautiful, fit our personality, and looks great on everything we do.

Laura Greenberg - Verde Associates

Select Clients

Every client is important to us. We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with these industry leaders to help them build better brands.

Oprah (Harpo Studios), Sprint, Lees, Durkan, The Chicago Fire, The Chicago Theatre, Lightbank, Brad Keywell, Chicago Ideas, The American Federation of Teachers, The Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, Thorek Hospital, Giordano Jazz Dance Chicago, National Council of LaRaza, The Chicago Public Education Fund, Mission Measurement, Focus The Nation, The People’s Music School, Hicaps, Sprout Social, Benzinga, Betterfly and many more.

Let’s Connect

Have a project in mind? Don’t know what you need? We can help! We are true experts in strategy, brand, print and digital design. Tap into our wealth of knowledge and help your business get the revenue and exposure it deserves. Your custom brand is just around the corner!

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