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A Better Chicago

A Better Chicago

A Better Chicago believes everyone deserves a great education, not just an ok education, but the type of education that empowers people, ignites economies and elevates communities. Their mission is to dramatically improve educational opportunities for low-income Chicagoans by investing in the most effective schools and programs in our region.

SCAFURIDESIGNS was approached by A Better Chicago to overhaul and re-fresh their brand. Goal number one was to elevate the graphical status of the brand and make it consistent across every branded piece of marketing. SCAFURIDESIGNS delivered, and then some.

SCAFURIDESIGNS branded everything from the business collateral, to investor reports, pitch deck and event presentations, grantee assessments, e-newsletter templates, major fundraising events and their innagural Education Summit event. The consistent approach to the brand helped A Better Chicago secure record setting fundraising dollars and increase their grantee portfolio year over year.


Strategy, Brand, Print, Digital, Ads, Events, Business Collateral, Non-Profit, Social Media, Email, Pitch Deck


A Better Chicago


Ads, Brand, Digital, Print