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Project Boost

Project Boost

PROJECTBOOST helps raise funds for community causes by selling custom designed, cause specific shirts. They supports non-profit organizations and people in need within the community by hosting Project pages that highlight their profile (their cause), showcase their shirt (custom designed) and help boost awareness. It’s simple really… Buy a shirt. Boost awareness. Make a difference.

SCAFURIDESIGNS, working off a blank slate, conducted a brand strategy session that helped differentiate the business and identify target market needs, emotions and competitive positioning. Using strategy as the building block, SCAFURIDESIGNS created the name, logo, print materials, social media campaigns, t-shirt designs and even sought out talent and conducted the photoshoot.


brand strategy, brand, naming, logo design, ads, digital, social media, website, shirts, business collateral


Project Boost


Ads, Brand, Digital, Print