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Kuttlefish is an online marketplace dedicated to up-cycled and recycled products. Featuring a product category for accessories, garden, bags, music, toys and more, the online store helps connect buyers with truly unique items, not found in stores.

Kuttlefish approached SCAFURIDESIGNS as a start-up without a name, brand or marketing materials. Emerging from the brand strategy, SCAFURIDESIGNS used key findings to create a name as unique and quirky as the products sold on the site. “Cuttlefish,” known to be some of the most intelligent sea creatures, are often referred to as “chameleons of the sea” because they are able to change color, shape and texture. “Kuttlefish” represents the ideas of change and adaptation through the practice of recycling and up-cycling. The materials are the same but the form is new, and the “cuttlefish” survives. Wow! Memorable and rooted in story, a winning combination.

The final mark was as quirky as the name itself, showing a cartoon like cuttlefish in motion. The custom typeface mirrored the sharp fin like qualities of the mark. A second variation was created to show brand adaptability and the ability to “house” textured images of re-used materials inside the mark. This became a unique rotating feature of the logo that was incorporated into the website and seen in static form on the business cards.


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