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Edison Talks

Edison Talks

Edison Talks is a Chicago Ideas invitation-only, day-long event created to inspire, connect and cultivate action. Speakers include globally recognized trailblazing thinkers, doers and leaders from all areas, including business, civics, the arts, academia and more. Approximately 1,000 top executives attend the Edison Talks along with hundreds of CIW YOU(th) students.

SCAFURIDESIGNS was contacted to elevate and design the brand to support the annually changing theme. Themes have included “Edges”, “Is There Time” and “Up To Here.” Marketing materials were designed to support the unique feel of each years theme. These graphics helped set the foundations for all materials including stage branding, programs, welcome signs, printed and digital invites, website graphics and more.

Past speakers have included George Lucas, Naomi Judd, Michael Strahan, Charlie Rose, Rebecca Jarvis, Sal Kahn, Grant Hill, Penn & Teller, Ariel Emanuel and Mayor Rham Emanuel.


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Edison Talks (Chicago Ideas)


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