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Lees | Product 2Faced

Lees | Product 2Faced

Lees Carpet is an industry leader in patterned carpet designs, offering a wide variety of styles to fit any commercial space. Lees developed a truly unique carpet product built on proprietary tufting technology that allowed walkers to see one color profile and pattern when looking left and a completely different color and pattern when looking right. Don’t believe us? See the photos below!

SCAFURIDESIGNS was contracted to name, brand and help launch the product at NeoCon in Chicago’s Merchandise Mart. Upon finishing the brand strategy, the team identified the need to go bold and be fearless with the name and identity since Lees was literally defining a new space within the industry. 100+ names boiled down to a single, perfect option that was not only memorable and expressive, but it helped define the function of the product itself, Product 2•Faced.

From there, a dimensional, animated and humanizing logo was created by leveraging the 2 from the name to assist with completing the facial features. Promotional materials and showroom features pushed the 2-view concept even further by playfully flipping card content on invites, handing out sunglasses with built in rear-view mirrors and leveraging a system of mirrors to show off the product in a tight showroom setting.

The result, the client had more order than they could fill and started an exclusive waiting list to gain access to the product until production could ramp up to meet higher demands. Not bad for that little 2•Faced character!


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