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Swing By King

Swing By King

Swing by King is your total golf game improvement. Led by an award winning PGA professional since 1994, Brian King has taught thousands of golfers ranging from beginners, juniors, adults, and seniors. Common to each student, is the desire to play better golf. Brian’s supportive teaching style and true passion for providing great golf instruction has helped golfers of all types enjoy their game to the fullest.

Brian approached SCAFURIDESIGNS with a clean slate. No name, no brand, and no website. SCAFURIDESIGNS conducted a brand strategy to help identify needs, emotions and competitive positioning and emerged on the other side with a powerful, swooping logo fit for a King (see what we did there?). A custom designed typeface helped tie the athletic mark together. His primary marketing tool, a custom website complete with swing tips, pricing models and testimonial, helped Brian reach a client base he could have only imagined reaching prior to his new brand.


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Swing By King


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