By design, our process is simple. While the framework remains consistent for each project, the details do not. Because each project and client is different, we remain adaptable and we customize our process to fit your needs, no matter what the project scope might be.

1. INITIATION: We meet with your team to establish project goals, deliverables and timeframes. This could happen through a few phone calls, a quick one hour meeting or a series of emails. After the proposal is signed we waste no time in getting down to it!

2. IMMERSION: We live in your shoes for a while and get to know your business inside and out. Have you ever played 20 questions? This phase is a lot like that. Through inquiry, exploration and reasoning we help you discover core beliefs about your brand, product, service and audience as they relate to the marketplace. We question everything. It is a bit Socratic, but we find it works best.

3. IDEATION: Ah, the true fun begins! After we have established key findings, we hit the boards designing custom concepts for your consideration.

4. IMPLEMENTATION: It’s ALIVE! This is when you see your true vision come to light. Once we have your final blessing on the concept direction, we polish the details and fully execute the project. This also means we make sure your print job runs smoothly, your website has no bugs and your deadlines are met.

5. EVALUATION: Wait! You thought we would just leave you? No no, we follow up to find out how each project performs. Did you hit your numbers? What can be improved next time around? What’s the next step in helping your business grow?